Patrick Lipp(@MyTechLiving) - Sony A6300 SELP2470 @30mm, F20, ISO125, 10sec; LaJolla California, 2017

Sony Video Shooter is a website dedicated to those of us who shoot both video and photos with Sony cameras!

It’s a safe haven for the information that would normally be difficult, or near impossible to find, and while it still provides even the most basic and remedial information, it does so in an easy to navigate and more accessible way. I  foresee a better way of consuming this information without having to scour the internet for hours on end; visiting different web-forums, Wikipedia, or even the Sony website. Rather, I saw a needed service in providing as much information in a centralized hub as possible, with an easy to navigate interface, readily available information, and multiple outlets for continued growth as new information becomes available.

Browse the community Web-forum and join in on some of the conversations!

Whether you have a specific question or are just here to chat, as the community forum begins to expand, it will be a place for us all to gather and learn.

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Featured content & User submitted videos; A place to showcase your work and gain a little acknowledgement and recognition! Maybe even make a few dollars or gain a few subscribers from increased traffic to your YouTube or website!

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